Community Involvement


Keys for Kids has adopted 1.5 miles of Highway 62, just west of Highway 494 of Minnetonka, MN.

Students Recycling Keys

Students Recycling Keys

Keys for Kids encourages students to collect keys to be recycled to benefit their classmates. Proceeds of this key recycling process  provide in-school scholarships allowing all children the same opportunities to participate in athletics and field trips or replenish negative lunch accounts. 

All students are welcome to participate in Students Recycling Keys; youth groups, preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school levels of education.

Halle's Key Drive

Halle's Key Drive

Halle's of PA has coordinated an ongoing key drive with recycling proceeds to benefit a child's dream come through provided by the Sunshine Foundation, the original wish granting organization.

Community Events

Keys for Kids volunteers have hosted various fundraising events for low or no cost to families; previous events include Skate for Dreams, Bowling for Dreams, Keys for Kids Car Show, and Bowling for Kids.

Tickets for Kids

Keys for Kids participates in tickets for kids programs allowing us to share the joy of a day at the game. We have shared hundreds of tickets (Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Minnesota Lynx) to families and children that may not otherwise have this opportunity; thanks to: TwinsCare, Minnesota Timberwolves Foundation, and Minnesota Lynx Foundation.

Tis the Season Key Drives

Keys for Kids has hosted seasonal key drives with recycling proceeds to benefit various children's  501(c)(3) organizations; previous drives benefited the Sunshine Foundation, Spare Key, and The Kids in Need Foundation.